Logo redesign, Site Map part 1

This evening, I still like my color palette, and last night I played around with the logo a bit. Here’s what I think is going to be close to a finished logo: Matula Logo test2

I like the simplicity and typography.  Also, it can be scaled down quite a bit, and the T and M still make it identifiable: Matula Logo Test - small

Next up, I need to figure out exactly what I want on my site.  Here’s a quick list, basically just a brain-dump:

  • Portfolio page
  • Blog
  • About/ Bio
  • Contact page/ form
  • Maybe sub-portfolio pages… one for Web Design, Development, Print work, or whatever
  • An experiment page, where I can post code demos or designs that I’m experimenting with
  • Links, both to stuff I’ve worked on and to pages I like
  • Tutorials/ Tips? Walkthroughs? May just keep that as part of the blog…
  • Pictures/ Photos / Video
  • Podcast? On something?

That’s just off the top of my head.  And some of those probably don’t need their own page, they could live in the sidebar or footer or something.

Something else I need to think about is do I want to just categorize my Posts or use WordPress 3’s new Custom Post Types? As I think about it, it might be easier to use the Custom Types, because I know sometimes I will forget to categorize things the correct way. With a Custom Type, I know that “Experiments” posts will always go to the right place.

Next, I’ll probably start sketching out some layout ideas and get my sitemap nailed down.

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