New Site

I figure the first topic I’m going to blog about is the process of updating my site.  First thing, I updated my site to WordPress 3… because WP is just awesome.  My next step is to get a design I like.

I’ve got a couple of things I’m doing now. One, try and find some inspiration, specifically with a self-evident Google search.  I’m also gathering some resources, mostly from this great Smashing Mag post but I also downloaded this 960 Grid to play around with.

For the design, I really want something that reflects who I am.  The problem is, I’m not quite how that will work. Do I do a dark background with light text, minimal design, colors, retro, grunge? Or something else?  A lot of times, I’ll see a site I like and use that as inspiration… but it’s not really me.  It’s just a design I like the look of.

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