Autoloading Organized Routes in Laravel

This is an excellent tip from Jesse O’Brien about breaking up your Laravel routes file.  I’ve actually done something similar for a while now, and kind of forgot that Laravel doesn’t come preconfigured this way.

First, in the application directory, I create another directory called “routes”.

In that directory, I have a “filters.php” and “events.php” and some other files to hold my GET and POST routes.

Then in the start.php, I drop on this bit of code:

foreach (scandir(path('app') . 'routes') as $filename) {
	$path = path('app') . 'routes/' . $filename;
	if (is_file($path)) {

This way, you can add as many routes as you want, and they’ll all load.

I’ve toyed with the idea of scanning for directories in the routes folder, and including those as well… but if you’re at that point, you should probably just use controllers.

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