Getting good with Linux (pt 2)

In part 1, I got Ubuntu installed and was able to connect from my Windows laptop.  Now I need to get Apache, MySQL, and PHP installed.

First, Apache.  The command to install is simple: sudo apt-get install apache2  … and a few minutes later, Apache is up and running. I put the ip address into my browser, and i got “It Works!”.  Sweet.

To get PHP working, I followed this installation guide.  The guide is more for if you are USING the machine you’re installing to, but it works over SSH.  The one extra thing I did was get into the /var/www directory… then type sudo nano test.php .  In the file I put in <?php phpinfo(); and then Ctrl-O to save it.  Then in the browser, went to and I got the PHP configuration page.  It worked again!

I followed the install guide for MySQL, and in a couple of minutes it was done.  I kept the main user as “root” with no password, then the command “mysql -u root” got me connected with no problem.  Then there’s this handy page with lots of useful commands.

So I’m all set up.  Now, I’m wondering what to do next.  How can I transfer local files to the dev machine?  I’ve read about installing samba and then map a drive… or use git, and push it to the dev machine… or even something like Phing, which I’d need a crash course in. That’s next…

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